AXA ActivePlus perks for all Equipsme members

AXA ActivePlus perks for all Equipsme members

Did you know that Equipsme plan holders can access a whole host of benefits and rewards through AXA’s ActivePlus scheme?

Exclusively for AXA Health members – and now Equipsme members – ActivePlus brings together more than 2,000 products designed to help people look after their health, offering special discounts and deals.

Whether you’re looking for a new water bottle or Bluetooth headphones, kids’ swimming goggles or a fitness tracker, probiotic supplements or a pelvic floor trainer - OR you’d like an experience like a spa day, afternoon tea, or tank diving - there’s something on ActivePlus for anyone and everyone who wants to look after themselves, and their families.

Last year more than 15,000 people started their fitness journey with ActivePlus gym memberships - and there’s currently 50% off an annual PureGym membership. And if you’re not quite ready for the gym, you can get a virtual personal trainer to create you a one-month fitness plan to follow at home for just £14.

Once you’re signed up, you can start shopping, and you’ll get a regular newsletter with all the latest offers. It’s a great way to get money off taking care of yourself.

How do I sign up?

As an Equipsme member you’ve also got an AXA Health membership number you can use to create your own ActivePlus Account.

Step 1
Login to your Equipsme Members Portal and find your AXA Health membership number on the ‘Your Plan’ page.

Step 2
Go to and register using you AXA membership number, leaving the Company Code field blank.

Step 3
Start shopping and get healthy!

We’d love to hear about any of the ActivePlus products or perks you’ve found and would recommend to other members. Send us a message at