How Equipsme supports family health

How Equipsme supports family health

When you buy an Equipsme plan for your workforce, you’re not just buying something for those individuals. You’re opening up a pathway to private health back‑up for their families, too.

We believe we are unique at Equipsme in allowing employees to pay in themselves both to upgrade their cover level, and add their partner and children.

It can be done without cost or administrative burden to the company, and while cover upgrades can only be added in the annual company purchase or renewal window, employees can add family members during the plan year.

With the NHS under increasing pressure and more and more people concerned about its ability to support their, and their families’, health, it’s a great time to remind people about this feature of their Equipsme plan.

What people need to know:

  • Employees can add and remove family members from their cover during the plan year, from their Equipsme portal.
  • There’s still no lengthy medical questionnaires, it’s the same terms and conditions such as the 3 year pre-existing conditions exclusion that applies to all Equipsme members.
  • People can add one partner, and up to 6 children under the age of 25.
  • Family members get the same cover that the employee gets, or has chosen.
  • Partners will cost the same as the employee plan costs, and adding children costs half. What’s more – it’s half the cost for ALL children they add to the plan, not per child.
  • That means adding children to our most popular plan should cost less per month than 3 pints of beer, and about a 5thof a monthly gym fee.
  • If your company has added our stress support line, children under 16 won’t be able to use it (even if you’ve added them to your plan). But anyone you HAVE added will be automatically included in dental and optical cover, if it’s part of the company plan. The really good news is that the dental and optical benefits pot extends with each family member – so the whole family gets their own allowance instead of having to share.

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