Business health insurance plans for large and small businesses

Business health insurance plans for large and small businesses

Equipsme for small and large businesses

Get practical health cover for your business and its employees from Equipsme. We have partnered with AXA Health to bring you a range of options and benefits including private specialist diagnosis, hospital treatments and 24/7 GP services.

Our business health insurance plans can be tailored for up to 1,000 employees or for small businesses, you can get started with two employees on cover, starting from just £8 per person per month. For businesses with more than 1,000 employees, get in touch for a bespoke plan to suit your needs and budget.

Key features of our business health insurance plans

  • For all types of business with more than one employee
  • All ages 16 to 69 years cost the same at all levels
  • There are no medical questions on application (exclusion of pre-existing conditions in the three years before cover starts)
  • Our plans start from £7 per person per month
  • Plans can be tailored to help meet your business needs and budget
  • Health insurance benefits from AXA Health

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Frequently asked questions

Should I get a business health insurance plan?

A business medical insurance plan is considered an important employee benefit by many organisations. Giving staff quicker access to private medical treatments promotes productivity, wellbeing, less sick days and absenteeism.

Many employees appreciate working for a company that cares about their health, something that increases their loyalty to the organisation, especially when Equipsme allows partners and children to be included. Employees can pay separately to add their partner and children.

“Equipsme is attractive because it is extremely good value for money...”
Jonathan Fielding
Falmouth Boat Co
Equipsme Customer
What is included in a business health insurance plan?

Depending on the level of cover you choose for your business, you will be able to access a range of health benefits and services, including:

  • 24/7 GP Access – get a GP consultation by phone or video
  • Physio sessions – from 5 per year up to no yearly limit
  • Health checks – including blood tests, cholesterol, Vitamin D and diabetes
  • Health support – private nurse helpline
  • Diagnosis cover – private specialist consultations, diagnostic tests, MRI and CT scans
  • Hospital treatment – cover for specialists, surgeons, hospital room, dressings and drugs
  • Dental and optical – check-ups and treatment
  • Stress support – telephone service, counselling and face-to-face sessions
Can I apply for business health cover without completing a medical questionnaire?

Yes, Equipsme offers a business health insurance plan with no medical questionnaire required on application. This offers a simple way for you to cover your staff members with less admin involved.

All ages 16-69 pay the same on all plans and we have a simple exclusion of pre-existing conditions in the three-years before cover starts.

Do you offer SME business health cover?

Yes, we offer business health cover for many types of companies. Whether you have 20, 50 or 100 employees, you can create a health insurance plan to suit your team. If you are a small business, you just need a minimum of two employees on cover to get started.

“We have reduced sickness absence by 50% in the first half of 2019.”
Richard Pipe
Fire Security
Equipsme Customer
How much does a business health insurance plan cost?

Plans from Equipsme start from £8 per person, per month, with the option to upgrade to a higher level of cover to include extra physio sessions, specialist diagnosis and treatment.

There are two optional extras available to add to your plan for all employees included: Stress Support is £1.50 per person per month and Dental & Optical is £8 per person per month.

The price for a business medical insurance plan is the same for all employees aged 16-69, and employees can pay separately to add their partner and children.


Meet our trusted providers

Meet our trusted providers

Whose services make up our award winning and industry leading Equipsme health insurance plans

Equipsme plan services are backed and delivered by some of the biggest and most well-respected organisations in their field, so you really know you’re in safe hands.

  • AXA Health – one of the UK’s leading health insurance specialists
  • Health Hero – Europe’s largest digital health provider offering remote access to experienced doctors.
  • Thriva – forward thinking home based health testing and tracking.
  • Health Assured – award winning wellbeing services covering mental, physical, financial and legal support.