Health Insurance plans for Law Firms

Health Insurance plans for Law Firms

Looking for business health cover for your law firm? Find out why health benefits are important for your law firm

Law firm benefits packages – why do you need one?

Benefits for lawyers are in no short supply. Competition between firms to recruit and retain dedicated employees has never been higher and post ‘the big resignation’ companies need to do all they can to recruit and retain the best employees. Employee perks can range across a wide variety of benefits from time off for volunteering, large bonuses to free ice-cream or fruit. However, health benefits as an employee benefit is often at the top of most employees’ wish lists.

For many people, law firms can be stressful places to work. There are many high-pressure situations that take place day to day, not to mention the increasingly competitive nature of the law industry. Long hours can make creating a healthy work-life balance feel impossible and stress can take a mental as well as physical toll on law firm employees and their family members. With such high pressure and long working hours, it’s important that mental health is taken care of. Busy lifestyles must be accommodated for, so access to private healthcare which is flexible and can often fit around people’s busy schedules is vital.

Offering health benefits helps to create healthier, more relaxed employees who will work more efficiently and better fulfil their potential. Creating a competitive health insurance package will also help to ensure employee recruitment and retention remains high.

Ready to start offering business health insurance and health benefits to your employees? Browse our range of business health to find the right health insurance plan for your law firm.

Do Lawyers Get Health Insurance?

Lawyers may not get health insurance included as standard in their benefits packages, but there are plenty of health benefits options designed to suit lawyers and solicitors.

In the competitive world of law, law firms are constantly aware of what their competitors are offering compared to their own employee benefits packages. Competitive benefits packages will normally include health insurance plans and health benefits. Ensuring that employees are fit and healthy and are motivated and performing well is a high priority for law firms. Clients need to see highly effective and productive lawyers and retention of clients is also a key concern for law firms.


What to Look for in Health Insurance plans for Law firms

Recruitment and retention of hard-working employees can be difficult, particularly when you are a smaller law firm or just setting up a new company. A competitive business health insurance plan is the perfect way to look after employees, earn loyalty, and help to create a working environment people want to return to, however budgets may be a concern for many firms. Flexibility and an emphasis on mental well-being are also important factors to consider for those in such high-pressure working environments.

Equipsme’s business health insurance plans offer affordable and flexible cover for all employees. From just £7 per person per month, you can provide employees with access to a private GP, physio and nurse helplines, and perks such as gym discounts. With this option employees can choose to upgrade their cover to add in private specialist diagnosis and private hospital treatment.

What’s Included in Equipsme’s Health Insurance plans for Law Firms?

Our flexible and adaptable health insurance plans offer excellent care for affordable prices. Businesses can choose to add extras to their plans, such as cover for dental and optical or mental health support to help ensure employees are staying healthy and coping effectively with any stress. Employees are then able to upgrade and pay themselves for family members and/or a higher level of cover.

For just £30 per person per month, our most popular healthcare plan for businesses includes:

  • Fast access to tests, scans and diagnosis with private consultants at private hospitals
  • Hospital Treatment in a private, comfortable room
  • Physio support and up to 8 private sessions
  • 24/7 Nurse helpline
  • Unlimited 24/7 GP access
  • Health checks you can do at home

Optional add-ons include:

  • Mental health support
  • Dental and optical

Find out more about what is and isn’t covered in our healthcare plans for law firms.

Why use Equipsme for your business healthcare?

There are a lot of private health cover providers out there to choose from, but we think you’ll find working with Equipsme to be different, and most importantly, easy.

  • You can trust our cover. Because we partner with some of the most well-respected health service providers in the UK including one of the biggest insurance companies in the UK, AXA Health. This means you can trust that we deliver quality and reliable health cover for you and your employees.
  • No medical questions required – no medicals or complicated questionnaires to complete when you apply. We have a simple exclusion of pre-existing conditions in the three years before cover starts.
  • Add family members – employees have the option of paying to add their spouse/partner, plus children up to the age of 25. The first child is half price, with up to five other children covered for free.
  • We’re here to help. We don’t provide advice but if you need help understanding our plan benefits and options before deciding on the best Equipsme health insurance plan for your business and your team, or just want to chat, we’d be happy to speak to you.
Meet our trusted providers

Meet our trusted providers

Whose services make up our award winning and industry leading Equipsme health insurance plans

Equipsme plan services are backed and delivered by some of the biggest and most well-respected organisations in their field, so you really know you’re in safe hands.

  • AXA Health – one of the UK’s leading health insurance specialists
  • Health Hero – Europe’s largest digital health provider offering remote access to experienced doctors.
  • Thriva – forward thinking home based health testing and tracking.
  • Health Assured – award winning wellbeing services covering mental, physical, financial and legal support.