Nothing to pay for first two months of cover offer

This offer is available to self-employed business owners and companies with employees, that accept to buy an Equipsme Health Insurance Plan by 31st October 2020. The start date of cover under the plan will depend on the type of business you are:

  • Self-employed business owner – Cover can start from the day after you accept to buy a quotation. You can add partner and children to your chosen plan level and you pay for the whole plan monthly from your UK business bank account.
  • Company with employees – Cover starts after a 21-day selection window during which employees can upgrade level, add partner and children. You pay for the employee cover monthly from your UK business bank account. Employees pay for any upgrades, partners and children themselves via a separate Direct Debit collection.

You will need to complete a Direct Debit Instruction at the time of accepting your quotation as a Self-employed business owner or Company with employees. Rest assured we will not collect any money until the third collection date.

Should a business make changes (such as, adding/removing employees) during the first two months of cover, the monthly direct debit adjustments due for that cover period will also be waived.

The offer only applies to the premium payments due from the UK business bank account for the Equipsme plan cover level(s) chosen.

This offer does not apply to the employee upgrades or adding of family during or after the initial selection window, under a Company with employees plan. Premiums will be collected from the first collection date at the normal monthly price via that separate Direct Debit.

This offer can be retracted at any time without prior written notice.