Brisk partners with Equipsme to deliver healthcare support to small businesses and the self employed

Brisk partners with Equipsme to deliver healthcare support to small businesses and the self employed

Business insight and protection platform Brisk has teamed up with Equipsme in a move that’s set to open up flexible and affordable health insurance to small businesses and the self-employed who didn’t know it was an option.

Brisk brings together big business functions in a secure online dashboard designed specifically for small businesses and sole traders. Through it, members can monitor finances, security, people processes, suppliers, compliance and reputation - and access relevant products and services from insurance to cyber-security assistance.

Members can get a quote and buy insurance through Brisk’s digital platform.

Brisk CEO James explains: “It’s our job to help small businesses get big insights, make good decisions, and protect themselves. Brisk is like a ‘guardian angel’ for small businesses. It does all your environmental scanning and internal tracking for you: We’ll find your facts, collate your data, suggest how to act on it, and signpost you to key resources and trusted partners. With Equipsme, that now includes healthcare.

“It’s a perfect fit. Small businesses just don’t have the time or resources of large corporations. We use technology to help do the jobs of a Human Resources Head, Financial Director and Office Manager, rolled into one. It’s all about plugging the gaps and creating equal opportunities for smaller businesses - which is exactly what Equipsme does in terms of healthcare.”

Equipsme Managing Director Matthew Reed adds: “Brisk’s platform is a wonderful example of a digital business created to support SME owners to stay on top of all the risks and insights they need in one place. Customers are increasingly looking for employee benefits and insurance through platforms like Brisk, and we’re delighted to be part of their recommended business toolkit.

“We know that lots of the small and medium sized enterprises we work with just didn’t think they’d be able to provide their employees with Private Medical Insurance. We think health insurance should be for any business of any size, and for anyone in it - from the boardroom to the shop floor. That’s what Equipsme is here for.”

Equipsme plans for SMEs start at just £9 per person per month, and include practical benefits people are actually encouraged to use – like 24/7 video and phone GP consultations, as well as professional physiotherapy advice which can easily be completed at home.

The policies cost the same for everyone aged 16-69 and there are no lengthy or intrusive medical questionnaires to answer, meaning businesses can get a quote in seconds and then… get back to business.

Although it’s the first time Brisk has had a health insurance partner, Equipsme expands their wellbeing platform, which already helps SME owners with new starter checklists, health & safety compliance, training courses, and absence tracking tools.

James adds: “Obviously we think that being able to look inside and outside your business is vital in order to look after it. So is looking after your people. You can already see on our dashboard when employees are struggling in terms of sick days or not taking their holiday time. With Equipsme you’ll now be able to offer some practical support.”

About Brisk:

Brisk is a technology platform that automates risk and opportunity monitoring to help businesses make better decisions to save time and money and increase their resilience.

Since its launch in 2019, Brisk has been adopted by brokers, accountants, security advisers and businesses to modernise the way they operate. With new partnerships in the pipeline, Brisk is increasing its reach to support thousands of businesses throughout the UK and provide seamless access to financial services.

Brisk has been recognised as one of the top 18 early-stage AI startups in the UK by Beauhurst and shortlisted as a finalist for the 2020 British Insurance Awards. Brisk’s innovative approach is gaining recognition from small businesses to larger corporate partners and networks. Moving from traditional risk analysis to AI-powered ‘intelligent anticipation’ will transform the way businesses operate and stay resilient in an uncertain future.

Brisk is privately owned and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 

About Equipsme

Equipsme provides simple and practical health plans for self-employed businesses and businesses with more than one employee in partnership with a range of partners including; AXA Health Limited, HealthHero, Health Assured and Thriva.

Equipsme was the first new health provider in over a decade when it launched in March 2018. It won “Best New Product - Innovation Award” at the Cover Excellence Awards in October 2019, it received Highly Commended in “Best Group Health Insurance Award” at the Cover Excellence Awards in November 2020 and “Best Insurtech Start-Up” at the British Insurance Awards in November 2020.

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