How Equipsme works: GP appointments

How Equipsme works: GP appointments

How to use the Online GP service which is available on all our plans.

If you’re looking at health benefits and insurance for your workforce for the first time, or if you’ve never come across a model like Equipsme before, it’s good to know how it all works in practice for the people at the sharp end – your workforce.

That’s why this guide shows how to use an Equipsme plan in real life, step-by-step.

A bit about us

Hi. We’re Equipsme. We thought health benefits and insurance should be better, and work for more people, so we built something different. We’re backed by AXA Health, so you know you’re in safe hands and getting the best care. We’ve just made it more affordable and more accessible.

At Equipsme, we LOVE the NHS - but there’s no pretending it isn’t under enormous pressure right now. Your Equipsme plan is here as your back-up plan, helping you beat the queues and get back to being fighting (and working) fit as soon as possible.

Unlike other health benefits and insurance, we actually want people to USE their plan. It’s not supposed to sit in your back pocket and do nothing. Which is exactly why we’ve put together these practical guides.

How to use the Online GP service (available on all our plans)

Our online GP lets you talk to a real-life, UK-based and independently regulated GP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if you’re trying to see someone around a busy work schedule - or if you get terrible earache on a Friday night when your own surgery is shut, you can get help at a time that suits you.

Help. I need to speak to a GP. What do I do?

  1. Go to your app or login to the Members portal on the Equipsme website.
  2. Click on the 24/7 GP access icon on the homepage.
  3. Call our GP partners HealthHero on the number provided or fill in the online form to request an appointment.

How soon will I get an appointment?

Appointments are subject to any peak demand at the time. You can choose whether to have a telephone conversation, or a video call, depending on what you need to talk about and there is no limit on the amount of time you can talk with a Doctor.

Will I be talking to a real doctor?

Yes. It’s not a chatbot or a helpline, you’ll get to talk to a qualified GP either over the phone or on a video call.

Who are Health Hero?

Our online GP partners Health Hero are a leading digital primary care service, operating in the UK and Europe.

Health Hero are rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator which makes sure England’s health and social care services are providing people with safe, effective and high-quality care.

What if I need medicine?

If you need medicine, your online GP will be able to assess what is appropriate and if so, prescribe it. You can choose to have either an electronic prescription or your actual medicine delivered to your home, work or local pharmacy.

You will have to pay for your medicine, because the cost is not included in your plan. It’s likely to cost a little more than an NHS prescription as it’s considered a private prescription, but you can save on the cost of delivery if you choose an emailed prescription that you can take to a local pharmacy of your choice.

What if I need to see a specialist?

Your online GP will decide if a specialist referral is necessary and if so, can provide you with an open referral letter. These are accepted by AXA Health (if you have Diagnosis cover on your plan), and the claims team will assess whether your condition is eligible for cover under the Equipsme plan or not. If authorised, AXA Health will help you make an appointment with one of their recognised specialists or a hospital/clinic for treatment.

If the condition you are claiming for might be pre-existing, you may need to obtain additional information from your own GP first (as only they can access your medical history records). Your GP may charge you for this.

Why wouldn’t I just wait for my own GP?

There’s a lot to be said for going to see someone who knows you, but your Equipsme plan gives you another option. It means you can get a second opinion from an independent GP, talk to someone out of hours, when you’re away from home, or if you just can’t get an NHS appointment.

Can I use the service for everyone on my plan?

Yes. Any family members included on your plan can also get an appointment with the 24/7 online GP.