Equipsme’s physiotherapy research featured on talkRadio

Equipsme’s physiotherapy research featured on talkRadio

The deterioration of NHS waiting times have barely been out the news. And that’s just the official published figures. Our freedom of information requests revealed that physiotherapy patients in England are waiting up to 132 days for an appointment.

The findings were recently discussed on talkRadio’s breakfast show with Penny Smith.

Penny chatted to chartered physiotherapist Sammy Margo about the importance of getting early help for muscle aches, strains and sprains in order to prevent them developing into more serious problems.

Penny and Sammy discuss the pitfalls of using “Doctor Google” to diagnose and treat injuries. Penny shared that a visit to a physiotherapist revealed that she was incorrectly performing the exercises she had downloaded online to rehabilitate a broken wrist – and could have exacerbated the injury.

Sammy Margo, English football’s first female physio, explained that a face to face appointment offers specific guidance to make sure patients are doing the exercises correctly.

Health insurance plans through companies such as Equipsme or private appointments offer a faster route to treatment.

Listen to the discussion here...