Health support for small businesses facing tough times

Health support for small businesses facing tough times

Press Release

Health support provider Equipsme is offering businesses with 2-20 employees free access to its healthcare plans which include remote GP appointments.

The idea is to offer professional health and wellbeing advice that can be accessed from home by employees of fellow small businesses.

Equipsme has been delivering healthcare support, including online GP, counselling and physiotherapy appointments, to small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) for two years.

Managing Director and founder Matthew Reed explains:

“We’re an SME. There are tough times ahead for all of us. But we think it’s up to businesses to now step up with what they’ve got and do what they can. This is what we can do, and we’re doing it from right now.”

“We’re offering our company healthcare plans, free until 1 August, after the predicted peak period of the virus. There’s no obligation to stay on the plan, and businesses can cancel at the end of July without paying us a penny.

“Over the coming weeks and months people will need to adapt to working remotely, or at least very differently within communities. How we access medical care will need to be different, too. Free and remote GP access could help people keep going - and that’s ultimately going to help businesses keep going.

“Looking after your people is always important - and right now it’s more important than ever. Most small companies value their teams tremendously but don’t have a dedicated HR department. They will be juggling so many concerns as it is.

“If someone needs medical advice for a condition but needs to remain self-isolated or needs mental health support to cope with anxiety and stress, we want to help SMEs help their people.”

Under the offer small businesses can get their staff 24/7 remote GP appointments, access to a nurse helpline, stress support and physiotherapy advice - with employees requesting appointments via an app on their smart phone. Employees can also choose to pay individually to add their families to the plan.

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Notes to editors

  • The Equipsme offer is only available to businesses who have between 2 and 20 employees.
  • All Equipsme Health Insurance plans start after a 21-day window during which employees can upgrade levels, add partners and children. They pay for these voluntary purchases themselves via a separate Direct Debit collection.
  • As an example: If you add all employee details and commit to buy on 1stApril 2020, your Equipsme plan start date will be 23rd April 2020, the business monthly Direct Debit collection date will be the 1st of each month and won’t be required to pay anything until 1st August 2020 onwards. Instalments will then be collected on the same day of each month (based on the employees and cover in force at the time) until the plan renews.
  • Should a business remove any existing employees or add any new employees during the free period, any monthly direct debit adjustments due before 1stAugust will also be free.
  • Businesses can cancel the plan at the end of their July instalment cover period and won’t pay anything.
  • The offer only applies to the premium payments due from the company bank account for the Equipsme plan cover level(s) chosen for employees.
  • This offer does not apply to employee upgrades or adding of family. Premiums will be collected separately at the normal monthly price via separate Direct Debit.

About Equipsme

Equipsme provides simple and practical health plans for businesses with more than one employee in partnership with a range of partners including;

AXA Health Limited, HealthHero, Health Assured and Thriva.

Equipsme was the first new health provider in over a decade when it launched in March 2018. It won “Best New Product - Innovation Award” at the Cover Excellence Awards in October 2019.

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