Getting started with health insurance

Getting started with health insurance

Unsure where to start with business health insurance for your employees? We can help. Check out our guide to getting started with company health insurance.

Business Health Insurance

As an employer, offering your employees health benefits and company health insurance can be a great advantage to your company. Great company health insurance can act as a retention tool for your employees, attract more talent to your workforce, and ensure that employees are staying healthier and able to do their best at work. But getting started with health insurance for your company can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the business insurance process. So, we’re here to answer some of your questions about how company insurance works.

What is company health insurance?

Company health insurance, also called business health insurance, is designed to offer employees access to private medical treatment for illnesses and conditions. This means sick or injured employees may receive a speedier diagnosis and faster access to treatment than if they used the NHS. They would also be treated in a private hospital, and usually in a private room with an en-suite. Speedy diagnosis and treatment care can help employees recover quicker and return to their full health, minimising sick leave for your company and ensuring your employees’ well-being is taken care of. They are also likely to be offered a choice of private hospitals near to where they live and work.

What is included in company health insurance?

Company health insurance benefits can differ depending on the health insurance provider and plan you choose. 24-hour access to GP or nurse helplines, faster access to treatment and a private hospital room are all common benefits to joining your company’s health insurance plan. At Equipsme, all these and more are offered with our most popular business healthcare plan for just £39 per person per month.

Other more specialist treatment options are available on some plans, such as access to mental health support, dental care, and optical treatment. These optional benefits are also available to add to your Equipsme healthcare plan. For full details about what is and isn’t covered see our summary of cover.

Who can use company health insurance?

Typically, employers will choose to cover eligible employees with the same plan and often just the top tier of workforce receive the benefit. It might be possible to fine tune your company’s plan to suit you, adding extras that are relevant to your business (for example stress support) or adding an excess to help manage budgets. Many companies also offer the opportunity to add family members to the healthcare plan, meaning they have access to private healthcare should they need it.

Here at Equipsme, we understand that healthcare should be flexible. We have four plan options to suit your business budget and you can choose which plan to offer each team member, again helping to manage the business budget. There are also optional extras such as stress support and dental treatment that can be added for all employees.

Our plans can be adapted to suit each employee too, as they can choose to upgrade their plan and/or add family for a cost payable by the individual, not the business, meaning everyone has the health insurance plan to suit them.

How much will it cost my business?

If a company’s health benefits package includes employee health insurance, this will allow all covered employees access to private healthcare. The price will depend on the size of your company, what is covered under the healthcare plan, and the excess for treatment.

To get an accurate price for your business you can either get a quote directly from a business health insurance plan provider like Equipsme, or you can contact your insurance broker who deals with your business insurance.

With Equipsme, we’ve tried to make healthcare as hassle-free as possible. Simply choose from our health insurance plans for businesses, work out what is and isn’t covered, work out the cost, edit your plan to suit your employees and buy online today. Or contact one of our partners or brokers who work closely with Equipsme to find out more about how it works.