How to use the Stress Support line

How to use the Stress Support line

A bit about us

 Hi. We’re Equipsme. We thought health benefits and insurance should be better, and work for more people, so we built something different. We’re backed by AXA Health, so you know you’re in safe hands and getting the best care. We’ve just made it more affordable and more accessible.

At Equipsme, we LOVE the NHS - but there’s no pretending it isn’t under enormous pressure right now. Your Equipsme plan is here as your back-up plan, helping you beat the queues and get back to being fighting (and working) fit as soon as possible.

Unlike other health benefits and insurance, we actually want people to USE their plan. It’s not supposed to sit in your back pocket and do nothing. Which is exactly why we’ve put together these practical guides.

Not every Equipsme member will have Stress Support cover – it depends what kind of plan your business had bought for you. So do check whether this cover is relevant to you before reading on!

What is Stress Support cover?

Stress Support cover means you have access to a specialist Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). It’s open 24/7, and you can talk to the team of mental health professionals about worries and concerns regarding home or work issues, medical concerns, or any challenging situation you’re struggling with.

Can an individual add it to their plan when they upgrade?

No – Stress Support cover can only be bought for you by your company.

How do I know if I’ve got Stress Support cover?

Log in to your Equipsme portal. You’ll find the Member Log in box on the top right hand side when you visit

If you don’t know your username and password – go and check your last email received from us. You will have been sent details on how to sign up and get onto your portal in your welcome email.

Once you’re in, you’ll see all your benefits laid out on your home page in big, easy to read icons. So you can see if Stress Support is on there.

How do I access Stress Support cover?

Call 0800 917 6479 and be ready to quote your scheme number. You’ll find this by clicking on the big Stress Support icon on your portal home page.

You can also access Stress Support on your phone, through the My Healthy Advantage App. Go to your App Store/Google Play, search My Health Advantage, and sign up with email. It will ask you for a code – which you’ll find again on your portal home page.

What sort of things does the Stress Support service support?

People call up for all sorts of reasons, including work-related stress, debt or financial issues, family problems, bereavements, or struggles with anxiety and depression. The team direct you to the most appropriate support for your situation.

What happens when I make a call?

The first person you talk to will help you describe the issues you’re facing, and make sure you’re safe. They’ll then talk you through your options. That might mean signposting to further support, or arranging online or face-to-face counselling sessions.

How many counselling sessions can you get?

With your Equipsme plan, you can get up to eight counselling sessions during a plan year, if the counsellor dealing with your call deems it appropriate. For many people, that’s enough to find the right support, and some new tools or skills to cope with whatever issue you’re facing.

Will my employer know about my call?

Your calls and any counselling sessions are completely confidential, so you don’t need to worry about anyone knowing what’s said in your calls or sessions.

Can my family use the Stress Support service?

Anyone on your Equipsme plan can also use the Stress Support service – but only if they’re over 16. So spouses and older children will be able to access this too.

Who runs the Stress Support service?

The Stress Support Service and My Health Advantage app are run by our partners Health Assured – an award-winning provider of mental health support.