School’s out for summer – and stings, scrapes and burns are in

School’s out for summer and stings, scrapes and burns are in

School’s out for summer – or it will be soon. And that (hopefully) means things like sunshine, swimming, barbeques - and plenty of time in the great outdoors.

Unfortunately, for lots of kids it could also mean stings, bites, sunburn, cuts, scrapes, undercooked sausages - and swallowing too much sea/pool water…

Fortunately, your Equipsme plan is here to help! Whether you’re at home or abroad, we’ve got services that can provide a back-up for you (and your family, if included) to help make Summer sizzle. Here’s how:

1. Call the Health at Hand helpline

Nasty wasp sting? Too much sun? Water blocking up ears after too many pool handstands? Dicky tummy? Axa’s Health at Hand helpline is part of every Equipsme plan and the nurses, midwives and pharmacists on the other end are experts at minor summer illnesses and injuries, what to do at home (or away) - and when to escalate it.

If you’ve ever been unsure if a cut is infected, when to give the next dose of Calpol, or if it’s time to call in a Dr, Health at Hand is the back-up YOU can use to keep kamikaze kids fit and well – and adventurous - this summer.

How to use the Health is at Hand nurse helpline

2. Use the GP service

It’s a weekend. You’re in Tenerife. Or Tenby in a tent. One of the kids is ill. Who you gonna call? Well Equipsme’s 24/7 hour GP is another good option…

If your kids are on your plan, you can get them an appointment at a time to suit you, from wherever you are in the world - to talk to a GP in the UK. If you’re IN the UK, you can even arrange for a prescription to be delivered, for instance to a local pharmacy. It’s easy to use, and easy to get help, and a bit of extra peace of mind.

How to use the GP service

3. Add family to your Equipsme plan today!

You can add your partner and children to your plan at any time – and we reckon Summer might be a great time to do so…

Kids can stay on your cover under your employer’s plan until they’re 25.  They’ll cost you half the adult rate for you a month for the first child, and you can add up to 5 more of your children at no extra cost. You can also remove them during the plan year, too, just by going to your Equipsme portal and clicking Add or Remove family members.

Once they’re included in your cover under the plan, it means they get what you get - in terms of GP access, diagnosis and treatment. And if your employer has chosen to add on the optical & dental benefit they can use that too (at no extra cost to you). If the Stress Support benefit is included, your kids aged over 16 can get access to confidential counselling support by phone or online.

The saying goes that you’re only has happy as your saddest kid. At Equipsme we think you’re only as healthy, too. Find out more about how to add family members by logging into your Equipsme members portal .