Traditional Private Medical Insurance, a Cash Plan or Private Health Cover from Equipsme

Traditional Private Medical Insurance, a Cash Plan or Private Health Cover from Equipsme

Business Health benefits have traditionally come in two forms. Expensive and traditional private medical insurance (PMI) for top employees covering diagnosis and treatment at private hospitals – or traditional cash plans, covering everyday health costs that have been around for a while.

A cash plan is a simple type of health plan that a company buys for its employees or gives them access to on a voluntary basis. Employees can get help with the costs of healthcare – usually for everyday things like dental appointments, physiotherapy, and eye tests and some cashplans also offer access to private treatment too.

Private Medical Insurance is traditionally a comprehensive type of cover offered to the executives within a business giving them access to private specialists and hospitals to help find out what’s wrong quickly and get treatment in a private hospital cutting out NHS waiting lists.

Equipsme offers the best of both worlds, with benefits that rival traditional Private Medical Insurance at a cost to rival traditional Cashplans, as well as the practicality and simplicity.

Still confused? Here’s three key reasons to choose an Equipsme health plan over a traditional PMI plan or Cashplan.

1. Transparent and easy to understand – not your traditional Private Medical Insurance Plan

Traditional Private Medical Insurance is often littered with confusing jargon and complicated terms. Equipsme set out from the beginning to make it easy to understand and be as transparent as possible.

Equipsme use plain English and try to avoid complicated medical insurance terms – we even have a Jargon Buster to help businesses navigate the world of health insurance

We’re transparent – we have one type of medical underwriting and tell you upfront that we don’t cover the private treatment of cancer or chronic conditions.

2. Private medical insurance and Cashplan benefits combined - You get top-quality cover

Cash plans are often limited to the ‘expected’ costs of everyday health like dental, optical and physio appointments - and may not cover ‘unexpected’ illnesses or injuries or any kind of hospital treatment. Check the details of your plan with your employer.

Equipsme’s most popular plan, for £39 pppm,  includes private specialist diagnosis and treatment at private hospitals in the AXA Health network across the UK, a virtual GP,  cancer and heart nurse helplines, home health checks and physio cover.

Plus employers can choose to add on dental, optical and stress support.

And employees can pay themselves to upgrade their plan and add their families.

3. Simple pricing and plans – like a cashplan

Private medical Insurance plans for businesses can be confusing – lots of plan options and complicated pricing.

With Equipsme, we’ve kept it simple.

There are 4 levels of plan from entry level to comprehensive costing; £9, £22, £39 and £60 pppm. You can choose which level fits your business best or pick and mix to match your people and budget.

There’s one price for all ages 16-69 on the same plan, no medical questionnaires on application (with a simple exclusion of pre-existing conditions in the three years before cover starts), and very few limits on usage –  you can start using your plan from day one of your plan start date.

This means you don’t have to go through a complicated quote process – you can see immediately how much it could cost your business to help keep your team fit and well.

Find out more about our company health insurance plans here.