We’re making feeling better, better!

We’re making feeling better, better!

If you have our Stress Support service included in your Equipsme plan, we’ve got two great new features for you.

Up to 8 free face-to-face counselling sessions

We’ve increased the number of face-to-face counselling sessions you can access through the Stress Support service. Now you can access up to 8 sessions on your plan per issue, per year.

Just call the Stress Support line and speak to one of Health Assured’s qualified counsellors. They’ll complete a clinical assessment with you and put the appropriate support in place.

Extra support on the go

Health Assured have just launched the My Healthy Advantage App – and Equipsme members can download it and access some brilliant free resources, including:

  • A weekly mood tracker – helping you track your moods on a weekly basis in relation to financial, physical and general wellbeing
  • Four-week plans/Mini health checks – expert support with quitting smoking, losing weight and coping with pressure
  • Personalised newsfeed – get your health news fix by setting your preferences and
  • Support – contact Health Assured confidentially by phone, call back request, email or live chat within the App.

Just log in to your Equipsme member portal or Equipsme App and choose the Stress Support benefit icon. You’ll find all the instructions on how to download and sign up to My Healthy Advantage. You can of course still access the service by phone as well, the choice is yours.

If Stress Support is not already included in your Equipsme plan, speak to your employer as it is an option that companies can buy to add for all employees at any time.